• Meredith dancause


    Meredith is the Lead Pastor and main teacher at The Well. She first heard about how amazing Jesus is in college at the University of New Hampshire. She also met her husband there (way back in the 90s). They have one daughter. Meredith has her Master of Divinity and loves to read Bible Commentaries, fantasy novels, and books on spiritual formation and leadership.

    CONTACT: office@tw.church 

  • Matt Toney

    Worship & Creative arts Pastor

    Matt is the Worship & Creative Arts Pastor at The Well. He and his wife, Faith, have two boys named Noah and Judah. Matt loves everything art from writing and recording music to film & storytelling and beyond. He also loves to dance obnoxiously with his sons to any kind of music his wife hates!

    CONTACT: matt@tw.church

  • Steve dancause

    Executive pastor

    Steve is Meredith's husband of 19 years and dad to their daughter. He studied Microbiology in undergrad and has a Master's in Theology and Culture. He loves learning and teaching classes, and is the author of Trinity Matters as well as What Is The Trinity and Why Does It Matter? He also enjoys looking at maps while drinking specialty coffee.

    CONTACT: steve@tw.church

  • Dianne Laguardia

    Nextgen Pastor

    Miss D is the NextGen Pastor here at The Well Church. Her truly abundant life started in college around 1991 when she made Jesus her boss and Mark her husband. After earning a BA in Sociology: Criminology/Juvenile Justice, she decided to help kids before they got into trouble. So, she had three of her own, Nick, Alex Mae, and Nate, homeschooled them…then picked up a few hundred “bonus kids” as our Children’s Pastor (2006-2017), educator/owner of A Lesson Learned, LLC (2016-present), and the office manager of Studio J PAC (2006-2021). She loves tiny humans…well, ALL humans…the arts, daisies, big doggies, and crazy dinners at the table with her FamBam.

    CONTACT: missd@tw.church


    SPIRITUAL FORMAtion pastor

    Ashley serves as Pastor of Spiritual Formation at The Well.  She and her husband, Jeff, and their three kids- Harrison, Asher, and Hope are long-time members here.  Ashley served as Associate Pastor and Director of Student Ministries from 2018-2020.  She’s a big art, history, and Bible nerd, and earned Masters degrees in Art History and Biblical and Theological Studies.  She’s passionate about justice, local missions, and helping people feel seen and loved.

    CONTACT: ashley@tw.church


    ASsistant ovrflw pastor

    Jacob and his family have been long time members, and he has been involved in OVRFLW as both a student and leader since it's inception in 2017. He is also a student at the University of Central Oklahoma. Warning: He will slam dunk on your child if given the opportunity.

    CONTACT: jacob@tw.church

  • Heather Clark

    Communication & Production Director

    Heather has been at The Well since January 2022. Some of Heather’s favorite things are photography, sports, neutral colors, and the National Cornbread Festival. She suffers from separation anxiety from her beloved dogter, Noodle Diane….Noodle feels the same.

    CONTACT: heather@tw.church



    Amy Jordan serves as the Well Kids Ministry Assistant, working with Miss D. She loves kids, books, and all things organizing! Amy enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and listening to all the true crime podcasts.

    CONTACT: amy@tw.church

  • Jeff Smith


    Jeff, wife Jamey, and 3 daughters are long time members and leaders at the Well Church. 

    CONTACT: jeffsmith@tw.church

  • Shaun Friesen


    Shaun, wife Valerie, and their 3 boys are long time members at The Well all serve in some capacity at the Well Church.

    CONTACT: shaun@tw.church



    Emily, husband Chris, and their 2 boys have been a part of The Well for five years and are thankful for all the opportunities they have to partner with their church family to love God and love people.

    CONTACT: emily@tw.church

  • Farold Smith


    Farold Smith and his wife Tammie are long time members and along with their two sons are involved with leading and serving in many ministries.

    CONTACT: farold@tw.church