We believe the current cultural moment requires a shift in our approach to ministry at The Well in 2024. The character and size of our church community do not lend themselves to a CEO model of leadership. We believe the Western Church has placed nearly impossible expectations on those in lead pastor roles to be teachers, counselors, prophets, facilities managers, cultural and family experts, and bosses – among many other things. This often creates unhealthy pressure for not only the lead pastor, but for the lead pastor’s family and for the staff and elders.

    This is why we have chosen not to employ a “Lead Pastor” and have instead adopted a team- based approach. We are led by a team of elders. The elders oversee the staff, the budget, and operations at The Well. 

    Each ministry area is shepherded by a staff member and/or pastor. Get to know us below!

    Pastoral care is administered to the community via small groups, ministries, and staff and elders when appropriate. 


    The teaching at The Well is led by a team of part-time teaching pastors. It is our experience that this approach is a healthy one for our teachers who are able to share in the holy responsibility of teaching, as well as for our community who is able to hear different perspectives on The Word. 

    We read and teach scripture through the lens of Jesus, the ultimate revelation of God- and we believe that “All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” (2 Timothy 3:16) 

    When preparing our teaching, we stand on the shoulders of a variety of scholars with varying perspectives who have gone before us. As Jesus reminded his disciples in Matt. 22:37, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind, ’” Our goal is always to teach people HOW to think- not WHAT to think. 

    Our aim is to take the emphasis off of the teaching platform and place it onto the priesthood of all believers. While teaching is an important part of discipleship, it is certainly not the only part. The tools we receive together as we study The Word on Sundays are starting places for living them out as a community and as individuals. We pray that we will have “ears to hear” as we engage with the teachings of Jesus. 

    We truly want to be transformed by what we learn.



      Ashley, her husband, Jeff, and three kids, Harrison, Asher, and Hope, are long-time members of The Well. She has served in various staff roles here over the years. She holds a Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies from Denver Seminary and a Masters in Art History from the University of Oklahoma. She loves a good story, a good podcast, a good song, and traveling with friends and family. Teaching is one of her greatest joys, and she is excited to serve on the teaching team. 

      CONTACT: office@tw.church

    • rob carmack

      part-time teaching pastor

      Rob is a former pastor who attended TCU and Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University. He, his wife Caroline, and their three children moved from Texas to Edmond and began attending the Well in the Fall of 2022. Rob has way too many vinyl records and needs to get that situation under control. His favorite album is Bruce Springsteen’s 1975 masterpiece, ‘Born to Run.’ For his day job, Rob works at Legacy Bank.

      CONTACT: office@tw.church


      part-time teaching pastor

      Matt is the Worship & Creative Arts Pastor at The Well. He and his wife, Faith, have two boys named Noah and Judah. Matt loves and is gifted in everything art from writing and recording music to film & storytelling to graphic design and beyond. He also loves to dance obnoxiously with his sons to any kind of music his wife hates!

      CONTACT: matt@tw.church


    • dianne laguardia

      nextgen pastor

      Miss D is the NextGen Pastor here at The Well Church. Her truly abundant life started in college around 1991 when she made Jesus her boss and Mark her husband. After earning a BA in Sociology: Criminology/Juvenile Justice, she decided to help kids before they got into trouble. So, she had three of her own, Nick, Alex Mae, and Nate, homeschooled them…then picked up a few hundred “bonus kids” as a Children’s Pastor (2006-2017). Miss D loves tiny humans…well, ALL humans…the arts, daisies, big doggies, and crazy dinners at the table with her Family.

      CONTACT: missd@tw.church

    • matt toney

      worship & creative arts pastor

      Matt is the Worship & Creative Arts Pastor at The Well. He and his wife, Faith, have two boys named Noah and Judah. Matt loves and is gifted in everything art from writing and recording music to film & storytelling to graphic design and beyond. He also loves to dance obnoxiously with his sons to any kind of music his wife hates!

      CONTACT: matt@tw.church

    • amy jordan

      director of administrative operations

      Amy Jordan has been at The Well since October 2022. She loves kids, books, and all things organizing! Amy enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and listening to all the true crime podcasts.

      CONTACT: amy@tw.church

    • heather clark

      communication & production director

      Heather has been at The Well since January 2022. Some of her favorite things are photography, sports, traveling the world, learning new instruments, neutral colors, and the National Cornbread Festival. She suffers from separation anxiety from her beloved dogter, Noodle Diane….Noodle feels the same.

      CONTACT: heather@tw.church

    • katie dulany

      ovrflw ministry assistant & missions coordinator

      Katie has been a part of The Well Church community since February 2017, first as a student in OVRFLW and then as an intern where she served in production and OVRFLW. With Launch Global, she has received cross-cultural ministry training and experience working with unreached people groups and sharing The Gospel with people from around the world who have never heard. She loves learning new languages, traveling, pickleball, coaching soccer, her Kindle, the Post-Impressionist art movement, Oklahoma City, and film photography.

      CONTACT: katie@tw.church

    • blair majors

      Well Kids Ministry Assistant

      Blair has been part of The Well since she was a student in OVRFLW. She is currently earning her Bachelor's degree in Political Science at UCO, where she is also the President of her sorority. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, concerts, traveling, and playing intramural sports.

      CONTACT: blair@tw.church


    • emily wiser

      Emily, husband Chris, and their two boys have been a part of The Well for seven years and are thankful for all the opportunities they have to partner with their church family to love God and love people.

      CONTACT: emily@tw.church

    • charlie burgett

      Charlie and his wife, Sharon, have been members of this church since moving to Edmond in 1992. He is a retired electrical engineer who enjoys outdoor activities including golf and yardwork. He is trying to improve at both of those activities. He believes the Well Church is a place of special fellowship with wonderful friends providing inspirational Bible teaching and dynamic worship services.

      CONTACT: charlie@tw.church

    • travis brorsen

      Travis, along with his wife Heather and son Bleu, has been an active member of The Well since 2020. Heather contributes to the worship team, and as an elder, Travis is committed to fostering a sense of family and community within the church. They have found joy in the transformative journey of The Well, which values uplifting worship, insightful Bible teaching, and strong relationships. Travis invites others to join the vibrant community where faith deepens, lives are transformed, and the direction of The Well is exciting. As a part of this special fellowship, they look forward to meeting and growing with new members on this faith-filled journey.

      CONTACT: travis@tw.church