Our Purpose:

We exist to help all people
grow deeper, love wider, & live better by following Jesus.


We welcome, include, and support all people. Because our allegiance is to Jesus Christ, we are not politically partisan. The Well is a place where people of any persuasion, whether you’re at the beginning of your faith journey or you feel like you’re at the end, can come and learn from Jesus.


We take discipleship seriously. To be a disciple is to be a learner. We are a community of learners in the way of Jesus who help make other learners. We do this through wrestling with scripture together on Sundays, in Small Groups, on the Podcast, and through our daily interactions.


We believe that the church doesn’t exist within a set of walls. Everyone has a unique contribution to make in furthering the Kingdom of God. When we love we live fully into our image of God, which is not just personal but communal. Serving on a team, and being there for one another in a group, are essential to living and loving like Jesus.


Jesus makes life better, and makes us better at life. We believe there is no separation between your spiritual life and the rest of your life. Everything is spiritual when it comes to Jesus. When we truly follow Jesus we are better parents, better spouses, better friends, better employees, better neighbors...better humans.